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When you’ve been injured because of another person’s or entity’s negligent actions, you should consider talking to a personal injury lawyer St. Paul MN residents have on their side. Johnston | Martineau, PLLP understands the ruinous effects of an incident that involves unexpected physical harm. Apart from the pain and emotional anguish, surmounting medical bills coupled with the inability to work can lead to copious amounts of stress — all of which could have been avoided altogether. When this happens, you have the right to pursue justice in the form of monetary compensation. While it cannot take back the past, a settlement can help to alleviate some of the burden put on to you and your loved ones. If you would like to discuss your claim with a personal injury lawyer St. Paul MN has to offer, please call Johnston | Martineau, PLLP today.

Why is the insurance company telling me I don’t need a lawyer?

Some insurance companies have been known to send out emails, letters, or phone calls that make ludicrous statements such as:

  • “We accept responsibility, you don’t need a lawyer.”
  • “We can settle your claim faster without a lawyer.”
  • “You will lose most of your money to a lawyer.”
  • “There’s no reason for you to retain a lawyer.”

As charming as the insurance adjusters may sound, they have ulterior motives that are not in your best interest. Insurance companies not only have a team of claims adjusters, but also lawyers working around the clock, handling personal injury cases on a daily basis. These people are trained in settlement negotiation and they know how to talk to injured parties in such a way that they may convince them to settle a claim without the help of a personal injury lawyer in St. Paul MN. When it comes to experience, an insurance company has a significant advantage over the average claimant and the value of their claim.

Insurance companies are for-profit, and they may do whatever it takes to pay out less on claims than they take in on premiums. One of the easiest ways to do this is to settle claims for much less than what they are actually worth. All they need to do in order to reach this objective is to convince you, the injured party, that legal representation is not necessary. As soon as they can convince you of this, they may begin to whittle down the value of your claim. Using precarious tactics, they may attempt to get you to say things that will actually hurt your claim; often, you won’t even be aware of it. They might also nitpick your medical bills or ask you things like, “Why did you see a physiotherapist so many times?”, or question the need for various procedures. You might be asked to provide your full medical history, which could then backfire should you have any pre-existing problems. Finally, they may completely disregard your total pain and suffering. A St. Paul personal injury lawyer may put an immediate stop to all of these things.

Why You Should Retain a Personal Injury Lawyer St. Paul MN Residents Trust

By having a personal injury lawyer on your side, you can forget about any sort of intimidation, fear tactics, or manipulation that could be used by the insurance claims adjusters. A lawyer may speak on your behalf and be there to fully protect your rights as a victim. A personal injury lawyer St. Paul MN trusts also knows the true value of a claim and will seek no less than maximum compensation. Should settlement negotiations be unsuccessful, your lawyer may take your claim to trial. This is the last thing an insurance company wants because often it does not work out in their favor. Finally, most lawyers work on retainer fee, which means you only pay when you win a settlement.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer St. Paul MN provides, please call Johnston | Martineau, PLLP at (651) 504-1398.

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