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Because life is filled with imperfect people and process, accidents are bound to happen. Many of these incidents don’t cause major problems and won’t affect your quality of life. However, in more severe cases, an injury can diminish your ability to live your daily life. Some injuries result due to another person’s neglect or willful disregard. The emotional, physical and financial consequences can be difficult to bear. If you find yourself in these situations, you can file a personal injury claim and get the help you need. However, it’s important to understand the limitations of your claim and how much time you have to make it. 

Even if your case is rock-solid, you may have significant trouble recovering the compensation you’re owed if you wait too long to file your claim. For example, if you’ve been bitten by a dog, you will want to connect with the experienced St. Paul, MN dog bite lawyers at Johnston | Martineau, PLLP as soon as you can after you’ve received medical attention. That way, you’ll be in the best possible position to both preserve your legal options and act on them, in the event that you’d like to pursue legal action against the dog owner, a property owner, and/or another responsible party. 

Rabies Claims

St. Paul, MN rabies lawyer professionals specialize in helping clients navigate the aftermath of animal attacks when an animal was rabid at the time of the attack in question. It is particularly important to connect with a St. Paul, MN rabies lawyer as soon as possible after you have received medical attention for a rabid animal bite. Not only can waiting to connect with a legal professional limit your legal options, it can leave others vulnerable to being attacked by that rabid animal. If you know that the animal that bit you was rabid, connect with our firm as soon as you possibly can. 

How Much Time Do You Have

Laws and regulations vary from state to state, but it’s important to know that you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to file your personal injury claim. In most places, you have to file in no fewer than three years from the time of the incident. However, in some areas, the deadline is one year from the date you suffered the injury. It’s best to be prompt and proactive and file as soon as possible.

Never put off filing an injury claim, especially if you believe the actions that hurt you were deliberate or illegal. Your attorney can advise you on the right steps to follow.

Why Hire a Lawyer

Severe bite injuries can have long recovery times. The costs associated with hospital visits, medication, surgery and rehabilitation can add up fast. The financial burden can weigh on you and be too much to handle. You shouldn’t have to shoulder these responsibilities on your own. A St. Paul, Minnesota rabies lawyer can hold the offending party responsible and help to ensure that you are compensated for your time, money and troubles. While you worry about recovering, your lawyer can take care of the phone calls, negotiations and paperwork associated with legal action and/or insurance settlements. 

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