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Personal Injury Claims and Semi Truck Accidents

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Freeways and highways are teeming with vehicles. With the uptick in the economy, businesses are booming.

More vehicles on the roads mean there is more of a chance of collisions. You have no doubt seen the remnants of this on the shoulder daily in the form of random car parts and debris. When two cars collide, there is a chance that the occupants may suffer injuries depending on the circumstances of the incident. However, if a semi-truck is involved, the possibility of the accident resulting in a fatality is substantially higher. Why is that? Take a look at some of the reasons why crashes, where a semi-truck is involved, are often deemed catastrophic.

Size Disparity Matters

The most apparent reason why tractor-trailer crashes are so deadly is due to the size and weight difference between the two vehicles. A semi-truck is about 17 times heavier than a standard sport utility vehicle. This makes the force of an impact with a truck much higher, resulting in a higher rate of damage.

Braking Is Slower

The weight of a truck makes it much more difficult to stop. This is why a trucker is trained to maintain a proportionate distance behind vehicles in case of an emergency stop. It is difficult for truckers to keep this distance reasonable, mostly because cars may pass and fill in the space. As such, a trucker may be traveling much closer to the truck of a car than it should.

Tires Blow Out

You’ve no doubt seen what looks like old tire tread littered on roads. The tires on a truck must be substantially bigger and stronger to sustain the long hours on the road and the weight of the semi. When tire tread is compromised, it is more prone to shredding. Even with 18 tires on a semi, it is still difficult for a driver to steer through a blow out without it affecting the handling of the truck. Thus, losing a tire while driving may result in the driver being unable to maintain control of a big rig.

Blindspot Field Is Larger

The blind spots on a tractor-trailer are much larger than on a standard car. There are several side mirrors to help truckers see if there is a vehicle in the way before they make a move. Even with this, there is a chance that a truck driver may not know if a car has crept up into the blind spot, especially while turning.

When a truck and car collide, the results usually result in catastrophic damage to property and the people involved. Visit with a truck accident lawyer for more insight.



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