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Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Minneapolis MN Semi Truck Accident Lawyer Minneapolis MN

As a semi truck accident lawyer Minneapolis, Minnesota can attest, there are many causes of truck accidents that result in catastrophic injuries or death for victims. Many of these accidents could be avoided if certain actions had been taken by the truck driver before getting in his or her vehicle.

The importance of pre-trip inspections should not be overlooked by truck drivers. Pre-trip inspections can help protect truck drivers and other motorists by reducing the risk of truck accidents. While most truck drivers inspect their trucks before they get behind the wheel, there are several inspection items that many of them tend to forget about. These items include:


Chocking is performed to prevent trucks and trailers from moving unintentionally while truck drivers are loading, hitching, or servicing the vehicle. Although truck drivers know chocking is crucial, they often disregard it because they are in a hurry.

Cleaning the Truck

It is common for truck drivers to fill their cab with food, paper, clothing, and other items. Truck drivers should know that if a professional inspector checks their truck, they will look at the cab first. If the cab is dirty, they will give off a messy vibe and may have issues with the way the truck operates.


Since truck drivers drive frequently, the brakes on their trucks are subject to significant wear and tear. Therefore, they should be checked on a regular basis. The brakes need to be adjusted correctly while the brake chamber lines are checked for flexing. If there are any leaks in the brakes, they should be replaced immediately. A truck accident lawyer Minneapolis MN offers knows that faulty brakes are one of the most common causes of truck crashes.

Seat Belts

Seat belts can save a truck driver’s life in the event of an accident. If a truck driver sees frayed

issues or other issues, they should order new ones right away.

Emergency Kits

Emergency kits are so helpful in the event of an emergency situation that truck drivers are required to carry them by law. Emergency kits must contain items such a fire extinguisher and spare fuses. In addition to making sure they have an emergency kit, truck drivers should make sure all of the items in it are functioning properly.


Without reflectors, truck drivers would have a difficult time seeing at night. Since faulty reflectors can increase the risk of an accident, truck drivers must make sure they are free of cracks and dirt. They should also investigate their reflective strips and look for signs of peeling and wear and tear.

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