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Nursing Home Liability in a Car Accident

Car Accident Lawyer

Many nursing homes provide transportation services for their residents, most frequently for grocery store shopping. The vehicle is often a multi-passenger van or small bus. And as with any other driver on the road, the nursing home’s transportation driver is subject to making mistakes. If your loved one was injured in a car accident caused by the nursing home driver, you may be unclear as to who is responsible for paying for your loved one’s damages. Their damages may include serious injuries that will require significant medical treatment. Another concern is that the nursing home may not reimburse your family in full for your costs out of pocket. You may be best served by contacting a lawyer, like a car accident lawyer from MartinWren, P.C., without delay in order to protect your loved one.

Car Accident Injuries

Anyone can suffer a catastrophic injury in a car accident, even if they are young and were in perfect health before the event. If an individual is older, their health may already be in question. As we age, recovering from illness and injuries can take much longer than when we were younger. A catastrophic injury can take anyone a long time to recover, and they may never fully recover. For an older person, recovery time can be even longer, and full recovery is that much more challenging. They are also more susceptible to broken bones, deep lacerations, and other conditions as compared to someone younger whose skin and bones are less fragile and can withstand more physical trauma without sustaining an injury.

Common injuries from car accidents include:

  •         Broken bones: hip, leg, arm, wrist, ribs
  •         Strained ankle or wrist
  •         Neck injury
  •         Brain injury
  •         Lacerations (cuts), bruising
  •         Spinal injury

Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

If your loved one was injured in a nursing home owned and operated vehicle, their damages should be compensable and the party who caused the accident should be held accountable for compensating your family. Regardless of who was responsible for causing the accident, the nursing home should make sure your loved one gets immediate medical care. Ensuring that they receive full treatment and proper care can be a fight because of the costs involved. Hiring a lawyer who specializes in elder law can help protect your loved one’s rights. Additionally, the full extent of your loved one’s damages can be confirmed by the diagnoses of a physician of your choice, not the nursing home’s. If the nursing home insists that your loved one receives a diagnoses and treatment from their medical provider, that provider may be biased toward saving the facility money. You have the right to take your loved one to a doctor of your choice for a second opinion. If there is a different diagnoses from your chosen physician, and they recommend additional treatment that goes beyond the nursing home doctor’s recommendation, your lawyer can step in and negotiate a more comprehensive settlement. 

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