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Airbag Accident Lawyer St. Paul MNOne of the most critical safety features in vehicles today is the airbag. These are particularly crucial in head-on crashes because of the impact force and the potential of catastrophic injuries. When there is any kind of impact, the airbag is designed to deploy, protecting the vehicle occupant from slamming into the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield. Unfortunately, airbags can also cause serious injury because of the force that is expended when they inflate. There is also the danger of defective airbags that have resulted in deaths, severe injuries, and millions of vehicle recalls. If you have suffered an injury caused by an airbag, you need to speak to an airbag accident lawyer St. Paul MN clients recommend.


Airbags, which are made from lightweight fabric, are stored in different areas of a vehicle. The bag is released when sensors are triggered in the airbag control unit. When the sensor gets triggered, gas fills the airbag, inflating in seconds. Then the bag is deployed and does its job of protecting the vehicle occupant.

However, a car accident lawyer St. Paul MN victims trust knows there are many issues that airbags can cause. When the airbag is inflated, gas and dust particles are released that often cause irritation to the eyes and skin of anyone in the vehicle. And while front airbags will protect an occupant from being slammed into the wheel or dashboard, the airbag hits the person with such force that the bag itself often causes serious injuries, including back pain, brain injury, chest pain, headaches, and neck pain.

Any victim of a car accident where the airbag has been deployed should seek out medical attention immediately because some potential injuries – such as to the chest/heart or brain – can have delayed symptoms, putting the victim at serious risk or even death.

As mentioned above, there have been millions of airbags recalled because of dangerous defects. These airbags are filled with sharp shrapnel that spew across the inside of the vehicle when the airbag deploys. Victims have died from this horrific defect. If your vehicle has been recalled for defective airbags, it is imperative that you get it repaired as soon as possible.

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Whether from a serious car accident or from a manufacturer’s defect, injuries from airbags can cause a victim to suffer high medical bills, loss of income from being unable to work while they recover, pain and suffering, and more. An airbag accident lawyer in St. Paul MN from Johnston | Martineau PLLP can help get you the financial compensation you may be entitled to for the damages your injuries cause you. Contact our office to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation. We can determine who the at-fault party that is liable for your losses is and what type of damages you may be able to collect. Call our office today.

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