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NEGLIGENT SECURITY HOSPITALITY ATTORNEYSIf you’ve landed here, it is likely because you or a loved one were injured or otherwise wronged while at a hotel, motel, resort, or other similar destination. Many lawyers understand the ins and outs of litigation but the lawyers at Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P. believe it is imperative that a lawyer also have an in-depth understanding of the industry against which a claim is being investigated.

For example, most lawyers could investigate the activities of hotel manager but what type of information would they be looking for? Do you want a lawyer that might, or might not, just stumble across some information that would be helpful to your case or do you want a lawyer that knows what to ask, and how to ask, with near pinpoint accuracy, based on years of experience?

If you prefer the latter, then call or email Christopher Johnston today for a free consultation.

Many lawyers have the legal skills to help you through the legal process but very few have real world experience to back it up. However, if you have any legal needs involving the hospitality industry, you are just a call or email away from Attorney Christopher A. Johnston who has that unique blend of skills which he will put to work for you.

From California to Maine, contact Mr. Johnston with your hospitality related concern for a free consultation. If need be, Mr. Johnston will travel to you, anywhere in the country, to meet in person – at no charge to you. There may be a situation in which Mr. Johnston has to associate with, or refer to, another attorney in your area and that will be determined on a case by case basis.

Prior to becoming an attorney, Christopher Johnston earned an undergraduate degree in Hotel Management then went on to manage hotels across the country for some of the world’s finest hotel owners / operators and brands including: Marriott ®, Hilton ®, Holiday Inn ®, Embassy Suites ®, and John Q. Hammons, Inc.

In addition to his experience and formal education, Mr. Johnston also completed many educational seminars sponsored by the American Hotel and Lodging Association and he held the Certified Rooms Division Executive designation which illustrates his in depth knowledge of hospitality operations.

Given Mr. Johnston’s years of experience in the hospitality industry, he built and maintains a large network of hospitality professionals who frequently turn to him for counsel regarding potential liabilities and other legal issues intertwined with the hospitality industry.

With his years of hands-on hotel operations, there are likely few other attorneys in the country who are better positioned to represent people injured or otherwise wronged while staying at, or simply visiting, a hotel, motel, resort, restaurant, waterpark, or other similar destination.

Following are some of the more common hotel related inquiries we get. This list is not meant to be exhaustive and you are encouraged to call with any questions:

Negligent Security / 3rd Party Assault
Hotel employee assault
• Theft-Damage to property

Issues here may include property storage and security of guest’s belongings.

• Swimming Pool Injuries and deaths
When dealing with injuries or death involving swimming pools, there are many, often complicated issues that must be investigated such as: was there a lifeguard on duty? If not, was that fact properly posted? Were proper warning signs such as water depth and / or no-diving signs posted?

• Dram Shop
A “dram shop” case is a case against an alcohol vendor who over serves a patron who is then subsequently injured or injures a third person. Not all jurisdictions allow these types of claims to be brought.

• Negligence
The elements of a negligence claim are: duty, breach of that duty, causation, damages. For example, an Innkeeper typically has a duty to protect guests from risks of harm on their property. Should harm occur, it may be because the Innkeeper breached their duty. If the guest suffers damages and the cause of the damages was the breach, then there may be an actionable claim of negligence.

• Bed Bugs
• Illegal/Undisclosed fess(ie:resort fees)
• Slip and Falls
• Work Comp (third party claims)

Before you decide that you have no legal options, speak with one of our experienced attorneys during a free initial consultation. We can advise you of all potential avenues of compensation.

We have successfully achieved compensation for Negligent Security / 3rd Party Assault, Theft-Damage to property, Hotel employee assaultSwimming Pool Injuries and deaths and people hurt in slip and falls.

Trust Johnston | Martineau, P.L.L.P. to secure the compensation to which you are entitled following negligence at a hotel or resort. Contact our Twin Cities law office to schedule a free initial consultation. We are available by phone or email 24/7 and respond to messages within 24 hours. Call (651) ANY.TIME (651) 269.8463.

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“I have been working with Chris Martineau for the past couple of years on a personal injury case. Chris has been a great source of knowledge and responds very quickly to any questions or concerns I have had. I appreciate how Chris listens my concerns and speaks to me as a person and not just another case. He and the entire team is great to work with!”
Daryl Hodges
Client Review

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