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Personal Injury Lawyer St. Paul MNAs an Animal Bite Lawyer in St. Paul, MN at Johnston Martineau, PLLP may tell you, it is the responsibility of a dog owner to ensure that others are not bitten or attacked by their pet. To reduce the chances of dog bites occurring, owners must train and socialize their animals to be friendly towards people. Or, if the owner knows the dog doesn’t get along well with people, then they must take protective measures to prevent an attack from happening. Owners must keep their dogs up-to-date on vaccinations and keep them properly restrained. Unfortunately, not all dog owners abide by these expectations. 

Dog Bite Statistics

Based on studies, it is estimated that more than 1 in every 5 people who suffer from a dog bite injury have to get medical care. To us, that is far too many innocent people who have to deal with an injury because of a dog owner’s negligence. That is why we recommend talking with a MN Animal Bite Lawyer in St. Paul right away, as we understand the seriousness of such a situation. We can help you get compensation from the owners of the animal for your losses and damages

Why Dogs Bite

There are many reasons that dogs bite, the most common of those including guarding territory, to establish dominance, and out of fear. However, trying to uncover why the dog bit isn’t as important as figuring out what should have been done in order to prevent such an attack. With a Minnesota Animal Bite Lawyer supporting you, we can assess your claim and help you complete the necessary paperwork to sue the owner of the animal.

Injuries Bites Leave Behind

After a dog bites, they may or may not let go right away, causing even more damage. Also, they may have gone for an area of the body that is very fragile, causing substantial damage to skin, tissues, and perhaps organs too. Injuries frequently associated with serious dog attacks include fractures, deep contusions, infections, facial wounds, and emotional scars.

Don’t underestimate the impact that a dog attack can have on a person. While their physical wounds may have healed, the person bitten may have newly developed fears about being around dogs. A Lawyer for Animal Bites in St. Paul, MN has seen the way that dog attacks can change people’s lives, which is what drives us to help you pursue justice. 

Treatment For Dog Bites

Depending on the severity of the bite, the victim may have to undergo surgery, be hospitalized, get stiches, attend therapy, or all of the above and more. Both physical, emotional, and psychological scars can be left behind. It isn’t uncommon for victims to spend thousands of dollars for treatment so they can overcome the incident. As St. Paul, MN Dog Bite Lawyers have seen before, victims may require plastic surgery to correct the damage done.

To summarize, dog bites can be physically and emotionally painful. As the victim, please know that you do not have to accept what happened. Justice and compensation can be sought with help from a dedicated legal team. If you or someone you love was a victim in a dog bite, please don’t hesitate to contact a St. Paul, MN Animal Bite Lawyer at Johnston Martineau, PLLP immediately for counsel.

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