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Canine Attack Injury Lawyers St. Paul MN

Canine Attack Injury Lawyers St. Paul MN

When a person is injured in a dog attack, Minnesota law allows that victim to pursue for damages against the party liable for that attack. As canine attack injury lawyers St. Paul MN from Johnston | Martineau PLLP can explain, the liable party could be someone other than or in addition to the owner of the animal. For example, if the dog was being groomed at an animal grooming establishment and got loose because of the negligence of an employee, the owner of that establishment could be deemed legally liable. 

Determining what the victim’s losses are will determine how much they should receive. The following describes what some of these damages may be. For more detailed information, contact one of the St. Paul MN canine attack injury lawyers from Johnston | Martineau PLLP.

Compensatory Damages

If a judge or jury believes the person who harmed you was negligent, the most attainable damages are compensable. These are expenses associated with the attack. These include things like deductibles, medical bills, property damage and missed income. You should have statements showing how much you owe or receipts proving how much you paid. If your insurance company paid things like medical bills on your behalf, you might have to reimburse any money attributed to this expense to them. For lost wages, you may need to supply proof from your human resources department of the amount of any income you did not receive because of the accident. Your St. Paul MN canine attack injury lawyers will explain what receipts and documentation you should keep. 

General Damages

General damages may be awarded after compensatory damages. These are more intangible things you are requesting the court take into account and compensate you for. Things that often result in a general damage award include:

  • Physical pain
  • Emotional suffering
  • Loss of marital benefits due to the injury

General damages may also include any income you believe you may lose due to the injury. Thus, if you need to leave a lucrative field because you can no longer physically or mentally perform the work because of the accident, you may sue for the disparity between the two incomes. Since there are no dollar amounts associated with these losses like there are with compensatory, your St. Paul MN Dog Bite Lawyers victims trust will calculate what you deserve. 

Punitive Damages

When the court feels like the negligence was severe, and the resulting injury to you was horrific, they may award punitive damages. This is compensation that far exceeds what you asked the court to give you. The number is usually inflated and meant to punish the responsible party financially. Some states and jurisdictions limit the amount of punitive damages, while others do not. You do not ask for punitive damages, as the court usually awards them.

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If you have been injured in a dog attack, call Johnston | Martineau PLLP  today to meet with one of our canine attack injury lawyers clients recommend to find out what type of legal options you may have for your injuries. 

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