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Minnesota Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Minnesota Dog Bite Injury Lawyers

Our Minnesota Dog Bite Injury Lawyers from Johnston Martineau, PLLP understand just how much a dog bite incident can affect a person’s life. You may be dealing with physical injury and financial loss, and need legal support to get you through. When consulting with clients about seeking compensation for personal injury incidents, we always strongly advise being wary of your social media use during this time.

A surprising number of people use social media, amounting to several billion. Social media sites have been praised for the connection benefits they provide. However, they have also been criticized, as information shared on social media is not private, even if an account is set up with the strictest privacy settings. 

Risk of Social Media Use on Personal Injury Claims

The lack of privacy on social media should be taken into account if you have a pending or ongoing dog bite personal injury lawsuit. As our Dog Bite Injury Lawyers in Minnesota may tell you, you are taking a significant risk by using social media, as it has the potential to be used against you if you are bringing a dog bite lawsuit against another person, business, or government entity.

You should be mindful of any social media information you provide, particularly if you are negotiating with an insurance provider. They could use anything you post against you. If your claim is sizable, you can be sure that they’ll research every angle and employ exhaustive strategies to prevent you from getting financial compensation.

It is well-advised to assume that the insurance company and the lawyers for your opposition are examining your social media accounts. Therefore, our Dog Bite Injury Lawyers in MN suggest keeping the information you share to a minimum. You might even want to refrain from social media use while you are embroiled in a lawsuit.

The Opposition May Dispute Your Damage Claim

As a result of the dog bite, you may have an injury that is challenging for an insurance company or other attorneys to dispute. In many personal injury lawsuits, the most substantial award of damages is typically for  an intangible called “pain and suffering.” This includes both the physical and emotional harm you are forced to endure because of your injuries. The financial compensation awarded for pain and suffering is often substantially more the amount of compensation for medical expenses.

With many physical injuries and bodily damages, quantifying pain and suffering depends mainly on medical records and your testimony. As such, it can be disputed. An insurance company is apt to search high and low, including scouring social media accounts, to find ways to deny that you are suffering ongoing pain and anguish from your injuries. Our MN Dog Bite Injury Lawyers advise taking a step away from social media if at all possible until your lawsuit has concluded. 

Your Compensation Depends on the Evidence

Financial compensation awarded in personal injury claims, such as a dog bite, often depends upon what can be proven through admissible evidence. Some rules of evidence allow questionable proof to be used to your detriment or to prevent specific evidence from being presented entirely. Either party can demand evidence during a legal case’s discovery process. Social media posts may be used as evidence in your lawsuit. If you want help seeking compensation, don’t hesitate to contact St. Paul MN Dog Bite Lawyers residents trust today. 

Social Media Posts Can Be Used Against You Despite Your Privacy Settings

Many courts have upheld that social media posts made when the user’s account is set to private are accessible during discovery proceedings. Therefore, insurance companies can obtain private social media posts intended to be shared only with close friends and family. You are well-advised to take precautions to prevent your social media posts from being turned into evidence against you.

To find out more about dog bite lawsuits, you can schedule a consultation with a lawyer from our law firm. When in doubt, it’s best to consult our Minnesota Dog Bite Injury Lawyers from Johnston Martineau, PLLP promptly for insight as to what to do next. 

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