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Motorcycle Accident FAQs

FAQ: What should I do if I am involved in a motorcycle accident?

Contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer Minneapolis MN residents rely on, may help you in the steps following an accident. At Johnston | Martineau PLLP we work closely with our clients to help them receive justice for damages and injuries done during an accident. Some important things to keep in mind after being in an accident include:

  • Do to not admit any fault or sign anything before seeking an attorney. This can help you to preserve your rights and allow the motorcycle accident lawyer in Minneapolis MN develop a stronger case.
  • If possible you should take any photos of injuries or damage done to your motorcycle.
  • Keep copies of any medical records or bills, and make records of any related expenses.

FAQ: Should I call a lawyer right after a motorcycle accident?

Contacting a lawyer after an accident may be in your best interest to receive the highest compensation for your loses. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always on your side because they don’t want to pay out a lot of money. However, having a motorcycle accident lawyer Minneapolis MN resident’s trusts, may be able to help you obtain a greater sum of money for your loses. In the state of Minnesota there is a two-year time limit of when a lawsuit must be filed, if you wait until after the two years no legal action can be taken.

FAQ: What happens if the other driver’s insurance doesn’t cover my losses?

A motorcycle accident lawyer Minneapolis MN citizens confide in, would suggest that if the other driver has minimal insurance or no insurance at all, you can collect compensation from your own insurance company. This is called uninsured (UM) or underinsured (UIM) motorist policies. In both situations, of UM or UIM, your insurer stands in for the driver that cannot pay but should. A Minneapolis motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to negotiate a fair compensation on your behalf, or help take legal action should the insurance company refuse to pay.

FAQ: I may have been partly to blame for the accident, can I still receive compensation?

It is possible to still receive some compensation even if the accident was partially your fault. An investigation would have to take place and depending on the evidence collected you may be able to obtain some compensation. An experienced motorcycle accident lawyer Minneapolis MN residents turn to, may suggest that you can still receive compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Property damage
  •  Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

If the case went to court, the jury would be the determining factor of how much you are to blame for the accident. If the jury decides you are less than 49% to blame than you may receive compensation depending on how much you are at fault. However, if you bear 51% of the blame you may not receive any compensation.

FAQ: Should I settle the motorcycle accident claim with the insurance company?

Settling with an insurance company may not be in your best interest. If you settle, then you are accepting an agreed-upon sum of money in exchange for a legal binding promise of not suing. Once you have agreed upon the settlement you can’t go back, even if you realize the injuries and damages were more expensive than originally thought. Before jumping to the settlement offer you should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer Minneapolis MN  residents depend on, from Johnston | Martineau PLLP.

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