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Puncture Wounds Lawyers St. Paul MNAt Johnston Martineau, PLLP, our Puncture Wounds Lawyers St. Paul MN residents trust knows that many dogs are friendly and not aggressive towards people. They do call canines a man’s best friend for a reason, and plenty of people develop strong bonds with their pets. However, even dogs that have been well-trained may react in a negative way when put into a certain kind of situation. And not every owner is going to do their due diligence in protecting others from harm if their dog is not good with people or is prone to sudden aggression.

That is why victims of serious dog bites are encouraged to speak with a lawyer about their options, because if the owner was careless in protecting you from being attacked, then they may not be very responsive to your efforts in pursuing compensation for medical bills and other losses. A member of our team can intervene and assist with the situation, so the owner pays for the mistake they made. 

Disorientation and Shock

It isn’t uncommon for victims of dog bites to feel overwhelmed and want to leave the scene right away. Being bitten can be awkward, particularly if you know and have a positive relationship with the owner. Trust us when we say that we can handle incidents like these with poise and respect, but with your best of interest in mind at all times. If you are not familiar with the owner of the dog, then you must remain at the scene and collect information that will help your case, such as:

  • Asking for the owner’s name and contact information (check their ID to confirm they are not giving you a fake name, address, etc.)
  • Photos/video of your visible injuries 
  • Jotting down how things happened in your mind before your memory fades
  • Put aside clothing you were wearing at the time so it can be used in your case to show tears, rips, and blood particles
  • Contacting animal control authorities to report the dog bite incident

Filing a Report

With support from our St. Paul MN Dog Bite Lawyers, it is a good idea to file a report with the city or county you live in, even if the injury was not serious. By filing a report, it creates a paper trail so that you or the next person who gets bitten by the same dog can seek recourse. All relevant facts such as name of the owner and dog, location of the incident, and witnesses who saw the bite happen can prove influential in your case. 

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If your or a member of your family became a victim of a dog bite or attack, then we suggest contacting our law firm today for more information. We can protect your best interests and inform you of your legal options. Call Johnston Martineau, PLLP today to speak with a Puncture Wounds Lawyers in St. Paul, Minnesota now. 

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