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Rear-End Accident Lawyer Minneapolis, MN

Rear-End Accident Lawyer Minneapolis, MNIf you were in a rear-end accident, please call Johnston | Martineau, PLLP, to speak with a rear-end accident lawyer Minnepolis, MN knows and trusts. 

Many people believe rear-end accidents are relatively straightforward incidents that can be resolved quickly and with ease. This is partly because it is typically presumed that fault is automatically placed onto the rear driver; thus, a lawyer isn’t needed. While it is true that usually the fault does lie in the rear driver’s hand, these collisions tend to involve many challenges. A rear-end accident lawyer in Minneapolis, MN is able to navigate the complications, and ensure your rights are protected. Having a legal advocate is actually a very good idea. 

You Wonder, “Why Do I Need a Lawyer?”

You were being tailgated, and the car behind you hit you. Now you’re injured and seeking compensation. You might think to yourself “I know what happened, why would I need a car accident lawyer Minneapolis, MN has to offer”? This is a common question that goes through the mind of an accident victim. To answer it, you must consider a few things. 

Was Your Car Working Perfectly? 

Before you assume you are not to blame, you must think hard about your driving and your car. When was the last time your car was maintained in the shop? Are all your lights working, especially the tail lights and signals? If you were driving a car that has faulty lights, and the driver behind you didn’t know you were stopping or turning because they couldn’t see the signalling, they might not be at fault. The same is true when you did something unexpected, such as a sudden reverse. 

Things can become complicated when other incidents arise. For example, your tire goes flat, and rather than pulling over, you stopped in the road. These situations do happen, and can be so unexpected that they cause an accident. 

As you can see, there are often circumstances involved in rear end accidents. A rear-end accident lawyer in Minneapolis, MN can review all the details of your case, and prepare a defense should the other side argue liability. 

Where Do You Live?

Another question that must be considered is whether you live in a fault or no fault state. At this time, there are 12 no fault states. In these states, your own insurance would cover the accident. It might be possible to still file a lawsuit for pain and suffering against the at-fault party, but only in very particular situations (usually those involving severe injuries).

In fault states, it is possible to file a claim or lawsuit against the liable party. For example, in a rear-end accident, the injured driver can file a claim against the negligent driver personally, or their insurance company (or both). 

What is the Significance of Your Injuries?

Most people in a rear-end accident might only have whiplash. Other common injuries include those to the neck, spine, shoulders, and wrists. Liability might be assumed for the driver that hit you. However, their insurance company or lawyer might argue that your injuries were pre-existing or are not as bad as you claim. They do this to settle for an amount that is less than what you need. Insurance adjusters have their own calculations for the “value” of injuries. You will need to argue the severity of your injuries, pain, and losses. Can you do this? Most people cannot, which is a strong reason to have a rear-end accident lawyer in Minneapolis, MN to help you.  Call Johnston | Martineau, PLLP.


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