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Scooter Injury Lawyer Minneapolis, MNIf you have just been injured in a scooter accident, call a scooter injury lawyer Minneapolis, MN resident’s know and trust. Johnston | Martineau, PLLP, is ready to explore your legal options. Call now for a case review. 

Scooter Accidents in the U.S. 

According to TechCrunch, electric scooter rides accounted for 45.8 percent of ‘micro-mobility’ trips in 2018. USA Today reported that with such a rise in e-scooter use, accidents and injuries have surged. Over the last four years, hospital visits have tripled. Between 2014 and 2018, 40,000 e-scooter injuries were treated in ER’s across the country. Out of 100,000 rides, 19 will be involved in an accident. Most of these riders are between the ages of 18 and 34. 

Although most riders will suffer moderate, non-life threatening injuries, they can still experience significant financial loss. Others may need ongoing care or treatment. Sadly, many of these collisions were not the fault of the rider. 

The Risks of Electric Scooters

E-scooters are eco-friendly, convenient, and affordable. They also can be dangerous. There is very little, if any, protection against oncoming vehicles and does not safeguard the rider against road hazards. Although safety can be increased by wearing a helmet, sturdy shoes, and long sleeves, this gear is not mandatory. Most people will not be wearing it at the time of an accident. Potholes, debris, pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and other obstacles or obstructions can cause a rider to lose control of their scooter. Although the speed does not exceed 15 to 20 mph (privately owned scooters can go faster), the injuries can include broken bones, lacerations, severe road rash, and head or neck injuries. If a car was involved, the injuries are often much worse. A personal injury lawyer Minneapolis, MN offers would suggest reaching out to a law firm to explore what options are available after a collision occurs. 

Steps to Take After an Electric Scooter Accident

If you have been injured in an electric scooter accident, a Minneapolis, MN scooter injury lawyer would recommend taking the following steps:

Call 911 or the Police – Even if the accident seems trivial, you should have the police file a report. It is also important you are checked out by medics who can evaluate whether or not you need immediate medical attention. Many people will suffer whiplash or other side effects from the accident.

Seek Medical Care – You should get medical attention, regardless of whether you think you are injured. Even if you believe you are okay, you should be checked out by a physician. Having this documentation can make the process of filing a claim much easier. 

Gather Evidence – As you wait for police to arrive, get the contact details for anyone involved, as well as any witnesses. If possible, and safe, take photographs of the scene, any property damage, and your injuries. You should write down what happened in case you begin to forget any details. 

Call a Scooter Injury Lawyer in Minneapolis, MN – It is very possible that you have the right to recover compensation. Calling a Minneapolis, Minnesota scooter injury lawyer can help you to explore what options may be available. Call  Johnston | Martineau, PLLP, today for a case review. 


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