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Who Is Responsible When Someone Is Injured In A Drunk Driving Accident?

Who is responsible when someone is injured in a drunk driving accident?Any car accident lawyer in Minneapolis, MN can tell you that driving under the influence is more than just illegal, it is also very dangerous. Alcohol, even small amounts, can hinder a driver’s ability to gauge distances, pay attention to the road, steer, signal, or multi task, which is why thousands of drunk drivers cause accidents every year. According to statistics, approximately 28 people die everyday in an alcohol related accident in the U.S., hundreds more are injured. Many of these deadly incidents happen in Minnesota. When someone has been injured or lost their life in an accident that involved drunk driving, you might wonder who is responsible: the drunk driver, a bar, another party, or someone else? A car accident lawyer serving Minneapolis, MN from JOHNSTON | MARTINEAU, PLLP can determine who is responsible and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Restaurant or Bar

Many people leave a bar or restaurant after consuming alcohol, and choose to drive home drunk. Sometimes it is possible to hold the vendor liable, but this is dependent on several factors. For example, states that allow this often require a DUI personal injury lawyer to prove that the defendant was clearly intoxicated and the vendor ignored this by continuing to serve him or her alcohol. If the vendor stopped serving the defendant drinks when they noticed that he or she was intoxicated, they generally cannot be liable. Proving this type of liability is not easy and often requires a Minneapolis, MN car accident lawyer to retrace the defendants step’s to determine where they drank, how much, and what was said during their time at the vendor’s establishment.

Hosts of a Private Party

Someone who serves alcohol to guests of a private party may be referred to as a social host. In certain circumstances in Minnesota, DUI personal injury cases they can be held liable for a victim’s injuries, but this is often only when a minor was involved. The right car accident lawyer for Minneapolis, MN can further discuss this with you during a free consultation.

The Driver of the Car

Drunk driving is considered to be a form of negligence because it endangers the lives of others on and near a road. When a driver is under the influence of alcohol, and causes an accident, it is very likely that they will be held liable for their actions by a motivated car accident lawyer in Minneapolis, MN. The victim or their family may file a civil claim, and the state of Minnesota could choose to criminally charge the driver with a felony.

More than One Party

In DUI accident it is possible for a Minneapolis, MN car accident lawyer and their client to hold multiple parties responsible for negligent actions that led up to a person being harmed. For example, if a bar continued to serve alcohol to a person who was drunk, slurring their speech, and could barely walk, and that person left the bar to drive home, and crashed, both the bar and the driver could be liable. A personal injury claim would be filed against the bar and the driver. Take your the first step towards getting the compensation you deserve and schedule a consultation with a trusted car accident lawyer in Minneapolis, MN. Call JOHNSTON | MARTINEAU, PLLP today!

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