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3 Ways You Can Prevent Road Rage Encounters

Almost every week, you can read a news article about someone involved with road rage. While the anger issues were once a rare occurrence, they are now too numerous to report all of them. You may see drivers pounding on the steering wheel as they scream obscenities inside their car, or a driver may suddenly slam on their brakes in the middle of a freeway. 

No matter what the reason these individuals have for acting their frustrations out inside their cars, there is a real potential that the anger will cause a car accident that injures someone. Here are three ways you can prevent road ragers from intensifying if you encounter them.


  1. Don’t Signal

If a car cuts you off or someone starts gesturing wildly, don’t signal back. Using your middle finger to silently comment to someone that upsets you will only escalate the issue instead of calming the situation down. The same is true of yelling inside your vehicle to condemn the other driver’s action or inactions. If they tailgate you, don’t slam on your brakes to teach them a lesson. Don’t honk to signal your hostility or try to get around someone driving in the middle of the road. Stay back and away from the situation as much as you can.


  1. Remain Calm

There are problems with money, pressure about jobs, lack of sleep, and rampant legal drug use that many battle each day. The more worked up a person becomes about something in their life, the more they may want to act out when behind the wheel of their vehicle. The best reaction you can have to any road rage situation is to remain calm.


  1. Protect Yourself

No matter how aggressive other drivers are around you, protect yourself by staying in your car. Also, keep moving at a normal driving speed unless you are totally blocked. If the road rage escalates and you fear for your life, call 9-1-1 and report your location. If you feel threatened, drive to a local fire station or hospital and honk your horn repeatedly until someone comes out or the other driver leaves the area.

Assuming you have control of a situation involving an angry driver can put you in great danger. If you are involved in a vehicle accident with an aggressive driver, protect yourself by contacting a car accident lawyer, like a lawyer from Therman Law Offices, LTD. right away.

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