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4 Steps to Take After Being Injured in a Lyft Accident

Using Lyft can be a convenient way to commute to work or if you need a ride to an appointment. However, not all trips might go as you planned and you could find yourself involved in an accident. When this occurs and you are injured as either a motorist or a passenger, it can be difficult to know who is responsible for your medical bills or your inability to work because of the wreck. Knowing how to proceed after a Lyft accident may help make matters simpler for you.

  1. Document the Accident 

Documenting as much as you can directly after the accident allows you to gather important information that could be valuable to your personal injury case later on. Take down the driver’s information, the make, model and license plate number of the Lyft vehicle and, if you were a passenger, the other driver’s information as well. If you cannot obtain this data at the time of the accident, ask a family member or friend to get you a copy of the police report.

  1. Realize Who Is Liable 

Lyft drivers are not employed by the company itself and are usually designated as freelance or independent contractors who are responsible for their own actions while they are on the road. As such, you will probably not be able to hold Lyft accountable for negligence. However, if you are hit by an on-duty Lyft driver, the company does offer limited insurance amounts for both property damage and personal injury. If the driver was off duty, you will have to contact his or her personal auto insurance company to file a claim.

  1. Obtain Medical Reports 

Keeping detailed medical reports of your injuries can help strengthen a personal injury case against a Lyft driver. Ask your doctor or attending hospital to provide you with details of your injuries, including copies of any X-rays or scans that are taken shortly after the accident. Details of follow-up visits with your general practitioner, as well as any visits to a physical therapist, may also provide you and your attorney with solid evidence of your injuries.

  1. File Your Lawsuit 

Once your documents are prepared and your lawyer has named possible liable parties, he or she will likely file the suit on your behalf. Once the defendants are notified, you may either be offered a settlement or move into litigation. Your lawyer can provide you with details on which avenue is best for your situation.

Naming responsible parties in a Lyft accident can be frustrating, but you do not have to endure the process alone. Reach out to a lawyer today for further assistance.

Consider speaking with a car accident attorney, like an attorney at Patterson Bray. They will be able to help you receive maximum compensation after your accident.

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