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5 Ways Spinal Adjustments Help with Whiplash Injuries

car accident whiplash chiropractorIf you’ve been in a car accident, there’s a chance that you suffered a whiplash injury. Whiplash can occur when there’s been unnaturally quick movement back and forth in the neck. Many symptoms can spring up after a whiplash injury, including back and neck pain, dizziness, and migraines.

Thankfully, there are several ways chiropractors can assist in treating these injuries. In particular, spinal adjustments can help in the following ways:

Posture Correction

Posture correction is vital to get you looking good, feeling good and moving well.  To feel better and live with less stress and pain after your whiplash injury, postural correction is vital.

The injury can create weakness in the spine and tension in the shoulders.  Everything feels so tight, so painful, as frustration builds day after day, it can feel hopeless.  There is a way to achieve this better posture, to heal this neck pain, and to reduce the Head aches.  Gentle Spinal adjustments, can improve how you feel, how you move and make you feel better. Get to the cause of your pain, get you injury healed and fixed.

Healing Injured Muscles

Injured muscles from a whiplash injury can create tightness, soreness and pain.  Muscles tear and rip with whiplash injuries, creating misalignments, postural changes, and creating inflammation and pain.  Healing these torn and injured muscles can take up to 18 months and sometimes they never heal properly. Adjusting the stuck bones of the spine, healing and stabilizing the muscles of the spine, there is less pain and less stiffness.

Reducing Inflammation

Inflammation happens when the muscles and tendons in your spine tear or strain.  The inflammation is a natural response to an injury and is there to start the healing process.  The standard for care is to ice to reduce inflammation for the first two or three days. Then use moist heat for relief there after.  Painkillers or muscles relaxers can be given as well to attempt to manage pain. To naturally reduce inflammation, high quality fish oil is advised.  Gentle movements and stretches to sore and stiff muscles and tendons help to reduce inflammation naturally.

Increased Flexibility

Increased flexibility and ability to move without restriction and pain after a whiplash injury is important.  The stiffness and soreness can be frustrating and makes certain movements hopeless. Adjustments to the stuck bones in your neck and back feel amazing.  Like a monkey being taken off your back. We love to see whiplash patients feeling great after their adjustments, they move so much better.

Spinal Stabilization

Spinal Stabilization is freedom to move, and live without pain from a whiplash injury.  The culmination of postural changes, healing injured muscles, reducing inflammation, and improved flexibility is the ticket to living and moving with less pain and frustration after a whiplash injury.

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