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6 Step to Follow for a Worker’s Compensation Case

When you are severely injured at your job, there is a lot of uncertainty regarding your injury, your medical bills and the status of your job. Speaking to a workers Compensation attorney about your circumstances and the events of your accident will ensure that you get the best settlement possible.  A high volume of these cases tend to occur at construction sites, in the event you are the victim of an injury contact a construction accident lawyer Milwaukee WI turns to for legal advice and guidance.

A severe injury could change the rest of your life, it can impact the quality of life you live and it can impact your ability to work. In addition to your healing, you will have to deal with medical bills and other expenses as a result of your injury.  If this injury was a result of negligence of your employers, you should not be responsible for your expenses.

What to do if You Are Injured at Your Place of Work

We want you to protect yourself as much as possible. If you were injured at work there are specific steps you should consider to build a case for workers compensation. Here are the steps we recommend:

    1. Report your injury. The sooner the better. All injuries should be reported to your employer and they should fill out the proper paperwork. Your supervisor should make sure the process has began and you should stop working immediately.
    2. Medical Care. It doesn’t matter if you think the injury is small, you should seek the help of your doctor to determine the extent of your injury.  This also ensures that your injury has been recorded and you will receive proper medical assistance.
    3. Follow medical instructions. One of the ways in which workers compensation adjusters can save insurance money is if they believe that you are no longer in need of care or you are not doing your part to recover. It is why it is so important for you to follow medical directions thoroughly and always follow up appointments and make your own appointments.
    4. Light duty. Please do not make the mistake if going straight back to work. If your job can offer alternative tasks or lighten your load, take the opportunity. If you don’t comply with your benefits can be terminated. If your work refuses to offer an alternative, then speak to one of our experienced attorneys.
    5. Document everything. Make sure you write down everything thought the process. Write down what you remember about the accident, how it happened, who was there and what was the result. Any information you remember could help build a good case.

Thank you to the attorneys at Hickey & Turim SC for providing insight on injury on the workplace and worker’s compensation.

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