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Chiropractic Care after an Auto Accident

Car Accident ChiropracticIf you are involved in a car accident it can be very tough on many levels. Your pain may be secondary to having your vehicle in the mechanic’s shop. You may feel anxious about handling your own insurance and possibly missing work. Many times, your care and recovery is not at the top of your mind.

But what if you don’t feel injured?

Injuries are not Always Obvious

Sometimes the adrenaline and emotion from being involved in an accident make it easy to ignore symptoms. Even if you feel as if you have not been injured, a car accident is an important event. The injuries that can result from an accident can cause serious, lasting damage. Sometimes injuries from a car crash can take weeks to show signs.

Your neck is often the most exposed area of your body in a collision, if the impact occurs in front or the back. Car accidents involve rapid changes in acceleration and deceleration. Your body is held comparatively still by a seat belt, where the neck and head are free to move. This normally leads to the neck moving very quickly through an excessive range of motion. This can contribute to injuries which affect soft tissues in the neck. In addition, joint capsules and inter-vertebral discs can be affected. The potential injury to the spine and surrounding musculature might have a damaging impact on a person’s health for the remainder of their lives.

What to Look For

Your symptoms from a car accident may include all or any the following: neck pain and swelling, arm pain, numbness or tingling, headaches, nausea, dizziness, lack of concentration or strain of thought, melancholy, nervousness, TMJ or jaw pain, and mid or low back pain, or spinal disc pain. Depending upon the degree of your injury, the recommended line of action will differ. To determine what you must do, first consult with your chiropractor.

Why a Chiropractor?

Why a chiropractor versus another health care provider? Chiropractors are musculoskeletal specialists. They know how to evaluate and treat problems related to the nerves, muscles, joints and connective tissues of the backbone.

Early chiropractic care is a component that will give you a successful recovery with a vehicle incident.  Your body will react to any harm with an inflammatory reaction. This makes the damaged region both swollen and pain sensitive. Attempted movements in this time will often cause more pain. Muscles around the injured area tend to spasm. Muscle spasm may also cause more compression or irritation of the joints, leading to more pain. This pain spasm, pain cycle should to be prevented as much as possible. Especially, early in the recovery process following a motorized vehicle accident.

Chiropractors helps to heal soft-tissue injuries without medication and faster than they would on their own.  Proper care reduces inflammation helping to restore range of motion and mobility. Most importantly, seeing a chiropractor immediately after your accident will help avoid long-term chronic issues from developing.  Chiropractic adjustments can reduce inflammation, increase mobility and reduce pain without drugs to help restore normal function, at any point of healing and recovery from injuries.

Improve Your Chance at Making a Successful Claim

Your car is not the only item in an accident that will be assessed for damage to determine appropriate compensation or repair.  You also need to prove the extent of your medical injuries to the car insurance company. Understandably, your injuries would not seem serious if you did not seek professional help right away.  It is important you are examined by a doctor soon after your accident to document any injuries and outline a plan of care. Having your injuries checked and documented early, might help avoid a lifetime of needless pain and suffering.

It can also be a good idea to contact an attorney to help with your claim.  Hiring a lawyer can alleviate any he-said she-said situation. They will handle the interactions with the insurance company allowing you to focus on regaining your health. A personal injury attorney can also help estimate fair damages, considering things you may not think about such as lost wages, emotional and physical suffering. You will get a concrete idea of what you should be compensated.

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