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Common Dog Attack Scenarios

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Dog bite attacks are common, and in the worst case scenario victims may benefit from the legal guidance provided by a lawyer who is experienced in handling cases like these. Serious dog bites require complex and costly medical treatment. In many instances, the victim’s treatment is long term, and far beyond the scope of emergency room care. They may require multiple surgeries over a period of years, a prosthetic device to replace a lost limb, and years of counseling to enable them to overcome severe depression and post-traumatic stress disorder in the wake of the attack. Some victims report that they can no longer walk down a public sidewalk for fear of being attacked again. When victims work with a dog bite lawyer, they can focus on their recovery while we leverage all available resources to gain them the compensation they deserve. A large settlement can provide the victim with the medical care they need while recovering from the traumatic dog bite attack.

A Firm Will Fight for the Rights of Victims Injured in Animal Attacks

When a dog owner does not secure their animal and keep passersby safe from an attack, they can be held liable for the actions of their animal. A person who is simply walking past the dog owner’s home on a public sidewalk has the right to proceed safely. As well, the dog’s owner has the legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that pedestrians are not placed into danger because of their animal. Regardless of the exact circumstances under which you or your loved one was attacked due to a negligent dog owner, contact a law firm. A dog bite lawyer can review your case at no charge and determine if you are eligible to seek compensation from the animal’s owner.

How Dog Bite Attacks May Occur

A dog attack can occur virtually anywhere that an uncontrollable dog comes into contact with a victim it deems a threat. Though some dog attacks result after a person provoked or teased the animal, many attacks seem to come from nowhere. It can even occur in the victim’s own home if a visitor brings a dog into the house. Dog attacks are common in relative’s homes when a young child comes to visit and the dog feels threatened by a small, energetic child running toward them. Our dog bite lawyer is familiar with a wide range of scenarios when victims suffered as a result of the dog owner’s actions or inaction. Here are some common scenarios in which dog attacks tend to occur:

  • A dog owner fails to build or maintain a fenced-in outside area that keeps their animal securely partitioned from neighbors and passersby. The dog escapes, runs after someone, and brutally attacks them.
  • A dog owner fails to maintain control of their dog while out on a walk and the dog attacks a passerby or a bicyclist.
  • A dog owner fails to control their dog when someone comes to the door, such as the mail carrier, and the dog attacks that person.

Discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer and learn how they can help your family recover damages.


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