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Common slip and fall injuries that can be treated with chiropractic

Slip and Fall Lawyer

Injuries that are sustained after slip and fall accidents can range from severely broken bones to soft tissue damage. In most cases, the damages are not isolated to one part but affect the entire side of the body that made impact with the ground. You may need to find chiropractor to determine the best course of treatment as the health professional works on the whole body and through proper alignment promotes the body’s ability to heal on its own. If your fall was the result of a negligent property owner, and you are pursuing a personal injury claim, you will need to show documentation pertaining to your injury. The chiropractic professional may be able to document the injuries after a consultation and guide you on a comprehensive treatment plan.

The basic principle of chiropractic treatment is the realignment of the musculoskeletal system in order to enable the body to heal faster from injury and/or prevent future injury. That very basic yet important alignment is crucial after a slip and fall accident.  

Common slip and fall injuries that can be treated with chiropractic care:

  1. Soft tissue injuries include muscle contusions, slight or complete tear to tendons and ligaments and nerve damage. Damage to the soft tissues is likely to occur around any broken bones or dislocations (such as shoulder, fingers, hip, knee or ankle).
  2. A broken bone not only causes stress to the surrounding tissues it can also put a strain on the rest of the body during the healing process. Throughout recovery, the body is required to compensate for the lack of mobility in the injured area. Muscle atrophy can also occur on the injured side further pulling things out of alignment. If left untreated, it can lead to chronic pain and possibly surgery later on.
  3. Injury to the discs in the spine can cause immediate discomfort and long-term issues. Proper alignment is important for this type of injury. In maintaining a regular schedule with a chiropractor, you may be able to alleviate pain and prevent further damage.
  4. Dislocations such as the more commonly known shoulder dislocation usually result in stretched or torn soft tissues around the joint that could take weeks or months to heal.

What to do if you think you have a personal injury case?

  1. Seek medical attention immediately. In the event of broken bones or dislocation it is important to go to the emergency room. For other injuries and follow-up treatment, a chiropractor may be able to design a plan that is specific to your injury.
  2. Contact the owner of the property to report the incident.
  3. Take photos of the area where the incident occurred.
  4. Collect all diagnostic and medical documents including the chiropractic reports.
  5. Keep track of all medical expenses and lost wages.
  6. Write down everything you can recall from your experience.
  7. Contact a personal injury lawyer. Pursuing a personal injury claim for a slip and fall accident can be very difficult. Your best bet is to work with an attorney who is experienced in the field of personal injury and will know how to deal with the insurance companies.


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