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How Will a Chiropractor Treat My Knee Injury?

“You should go have a doctor look at that for you.”  You might have heard that phrase over and over in the past.  What takes a person so long to go to a doctor regarding an injury?

Some patients are reluctant to come into a knee pain doctor Rockville MD trusts office.  They wonder, What should I expect?  Perhaps that describes you or a close friend or family member that wonders, How do chiropractors treat a knee injury?

At Advanced Wellness, we take a holistic approach to health and wellness.  We don’t view it as purely the bones that make up the knee joint, but the muscles and joints that surrounds the structure as well.  Chiropractors look at the entire kinetic chain, which means instead of just looking at just the specific area, the surrounding area is reviewed to see what could have caused the injury and any secondary effects throughout the body as well.  Similar to when a pebble is dropped in a pond, a knee injury can have a ripple effect throughout the body.

For example, an acute injury might cause a person to have a limp while walking.  Over time, if this abnormal walk or gait is constant, it can then cause problems with the person’s posture and end up causing chronic pain in the low or mid back.  How is this possible?  The body is constantly trying to protect itself from further injury so the body will strive to not have the joint sustain more damage.  But similar to the analogy regarding the pond with the pebble, that ripple effect spirals from all directions.

And a knee injury can affect the body, not just above the injury, but also below the injury area as well.  For example: during problems with walking and bearing weight due to a knee injury, a person can experience ankle pain or weakness because of all the compensations that have to be made.  Sometimes a patient starts favoring the opposite side to alleviate pain, but it causes more loading on the opposite knee and ankle.

So what is the solution with a knee injury?  The answer is not just proper alignment of the bones but also the need to strengthen the muscles around the joint, to cause reinforcement for extra support and to decrease the chance of re-injuring the area.  Our approach is a constant reassessment of not just the structure but the tissue around the structure to add strength to area in the body.  Without strength and stability, an individual is prone to aggravate the area again.

You might say, “That all sounds great, but how I do I know which chiropractor to go to?”  Make sure you do your research.  Ask if the chiropractor is trained and licensed to perform PT or is integrated with PT (physical therapy) in their practice. The importance of PT and massage therapy is essential to address the body’s total need of alignment and strength to improve not only the area of the knee injury but to work towards health and longevity for you.  If you or a loved one is ailing from a knee injury, call or come in to see our facility and see how we care for each patient.  We have chiropractors and physical therapists working together to address all the needs of the patient.  And not only do we have top tier therapists, but we have a state of the art facility.  We continually strive to bring the best of all aspects into our facility to better help all of our patients and members.

Thanks to our friends from PAIN ARTHRITIS RELIEF CENTER for their insight into knee injuries.

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