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Social Media During a Personal Injury Suit

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Like everyone else, you enjoy posting on your favorite social media platform. Perhaps, unlike everyone else, you find yourself involved in a personal injury lawsuit, either as the plaintiff or the defendant. At the end of the day, trying to find an outlet to relax, you settle down, open up the app and start to respond to something an online acquaintance asks you. Then you stop. Will this have an impact on my lawsuit? Should I avoid posting online altogether? What would my attorney advise?

Social Media If You Are the Plaintiff

For the sake of discussion, suppose you are in an accident of some sort and end up in the hospital. The first thing you want your friends to know is that you are all right regardless of the extent of your injuries. People come out of traumatic surgery and the first thing they say to their loved ones is, “I’m okay.” This means you have survived and you do not want those you care about to worry. To an adversarial attorney, however, it might mean you really were not injured badly and maybe not at all. If you say nothing about the accident on your social media post, you have nothing to explain.

Social Media If You Are the Defendant

On the other hand, suppose you are the defendant and you are feeling outraged or frightened that you are being sued. The natural response is to voice your feelings on your favorite platform, like the girl who blasted her school for not putting her on the cheerleading squad. She ended up winning that case, but you may not have enough money to pursue it all the way to the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, anything you post becomes fodder for the plaintiff’s attorney.

A Simple Idea About Personal Injury and Social Media

Here is something to remember regarding personal injury lawsuits and social media: right or wrong, no matter how it makes you feel, what you write on social media may harm your suit, but it almost certainly will not help. Remember those who care about you may also decide to post something about you. It may be wise to call them and ask them not to post anything about you at all until your case has been adjudicated. Here is a second principle to consider: the better advice you receive regarding a personal injury suit will probably come from a lawyer and not social media. An experienced personal injury lawyer Tampa, FL from a firm like  Jeff Murphy Law can advise you on social media and lead to better outcomes for your case. 

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