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What Are My Legal Rights If A Neighbor’s Negligence Resulted in Injuring Me?

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It’s an unfortunate fact that neighbor disputes occur with some regularity, and in extreme cases may require the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to recover one’s damages. Though most conflicts can be managed peaceably, some individuals are prone to turning to violence. If the violent neighbor is arrested for assault and battery, that in itself will not compensate the victim for their financial and other damages. A prison sentence for the perpetrator might bring the victim some measure of closure but it will not pay the medical bills. For this reason, many victims turn to a personal injury lawyer. Law firms represent victims in claims and lawsuits against those who caused them one or more serious injuries. 

What kinds of damages can be recovered with the help of a personal injury lawyer?

Our personal injury lawyer has recovered a wide range of damages on behalf of clients. Clients are often unaware of the extent of damages that are compensable and eligible to be included in a claim. When a personal injury lawyer from our firm accepts a case, he or she will take the time to ensure that all eligible damages are detailed in the claim so that the client will receive the maximum compensation possible. Every case is different and your personal injury lawyer will be able to identify which of your damages are compensable, but here are some of the more common types of damages that we can recover on your behalf:

  • Physical injury to yourself caused by your neighbor’s actions or inaction. For example, a tree on their property fell on you while you were on your property. Alternately, you may have suffered damages that were wrought by a contractor hired by your neighbor. For example, they hired a tree arborist who cut down a limb that fell on you while you were on your property.
  • Emotional harm to you or your family as a result of constant harassment, threats, or aggressive behavior on the part of your neighbor.
  • Pain and suffering as a result of the actions by your neighbor toward you and your family.
  • Assault against you or another family member by your neighbor. Examples of assault:
    • Someone pumping their arm or hand as if they are about to hit someone.
    • Someone drawing their finger across their neck in a way to suggest they will cut someone’s throat.
    • Someone verbally (or in written form) threatening to harm another person.
  • Battery against you or another family member by your neighbor. Examples of battery are hitting, punching, kicking, or attacking with a weapon.
  • Medical expenses for the treatment of injuries sustained due to the actions of your neighbor.

When does a situation call for hiring a personal injury lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee to pursue litigation against a neighbor?

Generally speaking, the answer to this question will depend on the amount of financial damages you and your family has suffered. If the amount is small, your best course may be to pursue legal recourse through small claims court. If your total damages are in the thousands of dollars, you may be best served by contacting a law firm. 

Thanks to Patterson Bray for their insight into personal injury claims and your legal rights after being injured due to a neighbor’s negligence.

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