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What Can I Do If I or a Loved One Was in an Accident Where a Jeep Grand Cherokee Caught Fire?

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Certain Jeep models, including Grand Cherokees, have a tendency to become engulfed in flame when they are involved in a rear-end collision. The culprit is the plastic gas tank that Chrysler mounted behind the rear axle in some model years. The tank is easily punctured in a rear-end collision, leading to a potentially devastating fire.

Fiat Chrysler refuses to take responsibility for its defect product design. Fortunately, the American system of justice allows juries to hold car companies accountable for their deadly mistakes.

If you were injured in a Jeep that caught on fire, or if a loved one died in a Jeep fire, a Jeep fire and explosion lawyer can help you seek justice from Fiat Chrysler. If you survived the accident, see your doctor first. The next step is to get prompt legal advice.

Get Medical Attention if You Were in an Accident Where a Jeep Grand Cherokee Caught on Fire

Burns are among the most painful and enduring injuries. They leave accident victims vulnerable to life-threatening infections. They produce scarring and disfigurement that can lead to a lifetime of emotional suffering.

Following a doctor’s advice is essential to recovery. Even after burns no longer appear to be life-threatening, it is vital for victims of severe burns to stick with a treatment plan. Ongoing and aggressive treatment is often needed to manage pain and to prevent infections.

Preserve Evidence if You or a Loved One Were in an Accident Where a Jeep Grand Cherokee Caught on Fire

Fiat Chrysler often defends lawsuits on the ground that the fire was caused by the severity of the collision, not by the placement of the gas tank. The company has had little success in its attempt to blame the driver of the exploding vehicle since Jeep drivers rarely have any way to avoid a rear-end collision.

An experienced Jeep Grand Cherokee fire attorney has evidence to prove that the Jeep’s design defect causes gas tanks to explode in rear-end collisions. To counter defense arguments in each unique case, your lawyer will need to investigate the specific circumstances under which the collision and resulting fire occurred.

That investigation begins by having an expert examine the remains of the Jeep. It is therefore essential to preserve the Jeep in its post-accident condition. If an insurance company wants to take title to the Jeep in exchange for paying a property damage claim, you should talk to a Jeep accident lawyer immediately. Junking the jeep for its salvage value will destroy valuable evidence that is needed to prove how the fire occurred.

Determine Whether a Deceased Victim Has a Survivor Claim After a Jeep Grand Cherokee Caught on Fire

Wrongful death actions are usually governed by state law in the state where the accident occurred. State law also defines the nature of the compensation that family members can receive for a loved one’s death. Families should obtain prompt legal advice, both to determine which family members can participate in the wrongful death claim and to assure that a claim is made before the applicable statute of limitations expires.

If the accident victim did not die immediately, the law of most states recognizes that the victim is entitled to compensation for the pain that the victim suffered before death. When death results from burn injuries, the victim’s pain can be extreme. Even if the victim died quickly, a doctor will often be able to testify about the suffering the victim must have endured before his or her life ended.

A claim for the victim’s pain prior to death is called a survivor claim. It is usually made by the victim’s estate and is often joined with a wrongful death claim. Prompt consultation with a Jeep fire accident lawyer is essential to preserving the family’s ability to obtain justice by making those claims.

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