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What Can You Do When Your Loved One Suffers a Serious Injury in a Motorcycle Accident?

Bike Accident Attorney

In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, the victim and their family may be overwhelmed with fear, confusion, and medical concerns. A motorcycle accident lawyer is often valued for the guidance they offer in this difficult time. A law firm focuses on protecting the rights of motorcyclists who were egregiously hurt in accidents caused by other drivers. While the victim’s family takes care of their injured loved one, our motorcycle accident lawyer seeks compensation from those who were responsible.

Recovering Damages from a Motorcycle Accident

Though your loved one may currently be under medical care for their motorcycle accident injuries, it’s possible that they may need surgery or other treatment in the future. In addition, their recovery time may be uncertain. In the meantime, they may be out of work or only able to work part-time. The loss of income in addition to the exorbitant medical bills can add to the trauma. A motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help your family and your loved one who was hurt through no fault of their own.

Common Damages Associated with Motorcycle Accidents

As a motorcycle accident lawyer knows firsthand, every accident is different and a victim may sustain more or less serious injuries than the next person. After a careful review of your loved one’s current circumstances and medical diagnosis, your motorcycle accident lawyer will detail the recoverable damages. In the personal injury claim that is submitted to the at-fault party’s insurance company, the damages might include any or all of the following:

  • All past, present, and anticipated costs for medical procedures, follow up treatment, medication, medical equipment, etc.
  • Emergency medical transportation and services such as ambulance, paramedic treatment, etc.
  • Income that the victim cannot earn due to their injury. If they suffer a permanent disability, the amount of income they might have earned until retirement will also be included.
  • The victim’s pain and suffering. This is a difficult form of damage on which to place a dollar value, but our motorcycle accident lawyer is knowledgeable about the process and the typical amounts on a victim-by-victim basis that a court is likely to accept.
  • Home healthcare aides.
  • House renovations to accommodate wheelchair or other limited access.
  • Prosthetic devices.
  • Physical and occupational rehabilitation.
  • Punitive damages. These are assessed in situations whereby the at-fault party intentionally hurt the victim. A common example involving motorcycle accidents is road rage, whereby the at-fault party intentionally drove the biker off the road or side-swiped their motorcycle.

If your loved one was hurt in a motorcycle accident, contact a law firm today. A Canoga Park bike accident attorney can provide you with a free consultation to discuss your family’s case.

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into personal injury claims and what to do when a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident.

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