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What Should I Know About Dog Bite Lawsuits?

St. Paul, MN Dog Bite Lawyers

Victims of dog bites may not realize they can take legal action against an owner of the dog that attacked them. Victims who were bitten or attacked by a dog unprovoked, may be entitled to financial repayment for medical bills and other damages. In some situations, the owner was present but had failed to provide a safe environment for visitors. Then in other circumstances, perhaps a dog became loose from the home and attacked a person nearby in public. Regardless of the exact situation, victims deserve to receive what they need in order to heal and financially recover.

Q: What if I am offered a settlement instead of going to court?

A: After reporting the incident to your insurance company, you may receive a phone call from a representative offering you a designated amount of money to prevent the case from moving forward to court. It is common for the victim to be offered a settlement amount that is drastically lower than he or she requires. It is recommended that victims of such situations consult with an attorney about whether it may be better to accept the settlement, or take the case to court.

Q: What types of compensation may I be awarded in the lawsuit?

A: If a victim were to win the dog attack lawsuit, there are many economic and non-economic damages that he or she may receive compensation for. Economic damages can comprise of lost wages, current and future medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, and loss of future earnings. Non-economic damages can include things like permanent disability, disfigurement, mental anguish, loss of life enjoyment, pain and suffering, and psychological trauma. The victim may be plagued by new fears and anxieties due to the dog attack.

Q: Is it possible the owner was negligent, which led to the attack?

A: Yes, in certain cases the owner may have been negligent, which caused the dog attack to happen in the first place. The owner may have failed to secure fencing around the backyard, which led to the aggressive dog getting out and biting someone. The owner may have committed negligence if he or she was not being reasonably careful when it came to preventing an attack.

Q: Is there anyone else besides the owner that could be responsible?

A: Other negligent parties of the dog attack besides the owner, could be the dog’s sitter or owner of the property where the incident took place. St. Paul, MN dog bite lawyers from Johnston | Martineau, PLLP can investigate the situation further, to decide which party should be listed in your lawsuit paperwork. It may end up being true that more than one person was at-fault.

Q: If I think the bite wound will heal on its own, do I still need to see a doctor?

A: It is crucial to your lawsuit if you have documentation that shows the extent of your injuries and that you sought care right away. Any delay in getting treatment may be viewed as your injuries were more minor than you so claim. It is also vital for your health to receive care as a way to prevent an infection from developing.

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