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What Type of Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are You Eligible For?

Workers’ compensation insurance is a policy that employers purchase to provide benefits if an employee is injured or becomes ill from work-related activities. To be eligible for workers’ comp benefits, you must be an employee of the company. Typically, you don’t even have to be employed for a certain time frame. If you are injured on your first day of work, you will be eligible to receive workers’ comp.

Freelancers and independent contractors are not eligible for workers’ comp benefits. However, if you work at the place of business under the direct supervision of the employer, you are generally an employee rather than a contractor. Even temporary workers are covered by workers’ comp insurance.

Only job-related injuries are covered through workers’ comp. This can include falls at work, injuries from an accident when you’re traveling between sites, or an accident that occurred while you were working from home. You can receive workers’ comp benefits if you are injured in the parking lot of your employer, whether or not you were clocked in. Workers’ comp insurance probably won’t cover injuries that occur during your commute or if you leave the office for your lunch break.

What Type of Benefits Do You Get?

Workers’ compensation provides payment for medical treatment, lost wages, rehabilitation and death benefits to dependents. The first thing to do when you are injured is to get medical treatment. Tell the healthcare provider you see that you were injured on the job. If it is an emergency, just get to the urgent care or emergency room. If you just need a doctor, you should find out if you have to go to a particular doctor or use one in a network or whether you can see your own. It depends on the rules in your state and your employer’s policy. The initial visit shouldn’t need approval. Follow-up care probably will have to be approved.

Once you have seen a doctor, you should make a report to your employer to file an insurance claim. The program that administers the employer’s plan will determine what benefits you receive. If your injury keeps you out of work, you should receive a percentage of your lost wages. You can receive temporary disability or permanent disability, depending on the severity of your injury.

Worker’s comp insurance generally has rehabilitative benefits that provide training and education to help you find another job if you are unable to return to your current employment. Again, this depends on the outcome of your situation. If an employee is killed on the job, workers’ compensation may pay for the funeral costs and provide lost wages to the dependent family.

If you have problems accessing your workers’ comp benefits through your employer, please talk to a Milwaukee work injury lawyer who can help you take steps to get a positive solution.

Thanks to Hickey & Turim, SC for their insight into workers compensation and types of workers’ compensation benefits you might be eligible for.

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