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Where Do Most Workplace Injuries Happen?

Personal Injury Lawyer Minneapolis MN- doctor wrapping mans hand No two injuries are alike, and a personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis MN from Johnston Martineau, PLLP can tell you that no two injury cases are alike either. We all take risks when we get behind the wheel of a car, when we walk into retail space, and when we clock in for work. There’s always a chance that we can be injured, but people are responsible for ensuring your safety when you’re on their property.

Personal injuries can happen anywhere, and workplace injuries can put you at odds with your management and your colleagues. Read this brief FAQ to learn more about workplace injuries, and learn how they can happen anywhere.

Where Do Most Workplace Injuries Happen?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to work in a steel mill to experience a work-related injury. In fact, you can have a work injury just by sitting at your desk. Many people associate work injuries with high-stress environments with lots of machinery and heavy equipment. Constructions sites, warehouses, factories – they’re all dangerous, and they can all cause injury.

If one of these dangerous workplaces is properly managed, there should be extensive safety precautions taken to keep employees safe. To name a few examples, think of ear protection, hard hats, safety glasses, proper lighting, and safety briefs whenever people need to be reminded that they’re working with dangerous equipment. High-risk workplaces deserve plenty of caution. But what kind of injuries can you experience in an office or retail space?

How Can I Be Injured in an Office?

One of the most common office injuries we think of is carpal tunnel syndrome. While it’s not as flashy as an injury you might experience on a construction site, it can still seriously impede your ability to work. When you have inadequate workplace ergonomics, you could end up applying too much pressure to the bottoms of your wrists while you type. This constriction leads to carpal tunnel, which in turn restricts your movement and causes pain in your wrists.

Of course, offices can be dangerous places, too. Slip and falls can happen anywhere, whether in the office or in retail space when you’re just shopping around. If someone spills water on a tile floor and fails to mark it clearly or clean it up immediately, you could slip, fall, and injure yourself on the hard landing. Despite their relative innocent circumstances, slip and falls can cause a serious amount of pain later on.

What Makes Slip and Falls So Dangerous?

Slip and falls may seem relatively minor at first, but if they’re left untreated they can develop into serious health issues. While a minor trip might feel more embarrassing than painful, any injury or accident warrants reporting.

Part of what makes slip and falls so dangerous is the reluctance of the injured party to report their injury. They might feel embarrassed or intimidated, or they might (unfortunately) deal with a toxic work environment with managers who aren’t keen on caring for employees. If this is the case, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in Minneapolis, MN from Johnston Martineau, PLLP.

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