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Why are motorcycle accidents different from other types of vehicular accidents?

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

In most states, nearly all laws apply to vehicular crashes regardless of whether or not they involve a motorcycle. However, when it comes to motorcycle accident claims, there are many other factors that must be thought about. These include how the accident occured, who may be liable, what injuries were sustained in the crash, and how much needs to be proven before compensation can be recovered. If you’re considering a general law firm who may lack experience in handling these types of claims, it may be in your best interest to opt for a lawyer who specifically deals with motorcycle accident cases. By doing so you can feel peace of mind in knowing the differences mentioned above might not be overlooked; thereby, resulting in less compensation.

How Motorcycle Accident Cases Are Different

Motorcyclists are approximately 10 times more likely to lose their life in a collision than occupants of cars. In the U.S. up to 100,000 people are injured in motorcycle accidents ( every year. A further 5,000 die. Of these individuals and families, a large number of them do not receive the amount of compensation they need or deserve. This is often because:

The Severity of the Riders’ Injuries – Injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident tend to be very serious, if not fatal. This is because, unlike a car, there are no safety features on a motorcycle. Head and spinal injuries, paralysis, crushed bones, and internal damage are all common injuries. The amount of money needed for medical treatment is often into the six or seven figure range.

Road Hazards – Potholes, cracks, road debris, ice, and other conditions may be okay for a car, but hazardous for a motorcycle. A good motorcycle accident lawyer should understand how road architects and government municipalities could be liable for a broad range of road hazards.

Rider Stigma – Over the last decade or so, the stigma against motorcyclists has decreased, but it still certainly exists and may be greater is some areas than others. Sadly, stigmas like perceiving a motorcyclist as a gang member or a risk taker could lead to a jury awarding you a reduced amount of compensation. An attorney will work hard to ensure this does not happen with your case.

Insurance Adjusters – Insurance adjusters are known to be ruthless, even in cases that involve extreme injury and death. It is also known that insurance adjusters are more likely to deny or underpay claims that involve a motorcycle accident.

Manufacturing Defects – It is possible for motorcycles to have defects; thereby, eventually causing a breakdown of the said component, and/or an accident. If the motorcycle was defective, your lawyer may pursue a claim against the distributor, manufacturer, or repairer of the part.

Permanent Injuries – A majority of motorcycle accidents will cause permanent injuries such as chronic pain, paralysis, or other medical conditions. These types of injuries can also cause an increase in medical and living expenses in addition to copious amounts of pain and suffering. With the right Woodland Hills motorcycle accident attorney on your side, these costs should be evaluated, considered, and included in your claim.



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