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Why is Medical Attention So Crucial for Bicyclists?

If a bicyclist were to be struck by a car, he or she is likely to experience pain and suffering. Even imagining a vehicle plowing your direction can arise fear in any person. At any unexpected point during a ride, a car driver can accidentally clip a bicyclist that went unnoticed only seconds prior to contact. Sadly, car drivers can be known for being distracted and not always following the rules of the road. A bicyclist must be alert and vigilant in order to notice if a driver is speeding, swerving or otherwise acting carelessly behind the wheel.

As a bicyclist, if you are ever hit by a car it is crucial that you seek medical attention while at the scene. Even if the impact was mild, you could have sustained very serious injuries. Here in this article, we have ventured further into exactly why getting medical care should be the first priority.

What kind of injuries may a bicyclist sustain after impact?

If a car exterior were to slam into a human body, the consequences can be tragic. Any person who has been hit by any sort of object in their lifetime can understand how fragile the human body is after all. Even if you were wearing all the appropriate gear while on the bike, it is only intended to help lessen the severity of injuries, but not prevent them entirely from happening. Here is a list of the most common injuries a rider may have after being struck by a vehicle:

  1. Traumatic brain injury (concussion, coma, brain swelling, brain bleeding)
  2. Cracked skull (substantial blood loss or infection is possible)
  3. Broken extremities (hands, feet, wrists, fingers, ankle, toes, elbow)
  4. Knee injuries (strains, tears or total shatter of knee cap)
  5. Rash rash (facial wounds, cuts requiring stitches)
  6. Impalement (from bicycle or broken off vehicle part during impact)
  7. Emotional difficulties (newly developed fears, anxiety, depression)
  8. Heavy bruising (which may infer to more serious damage underneath)
  9. Neck & back injuries (requiring chiropractic care or surgery)
  10. Fractured pelvis (due to colliding with car body, or ground after falling)

What if I feel okay after the incident and can walk away just fine?

While medical attention is not required, it is highly recommended. This is even true for instances where you are able to get back up after being hit and feel relatively fine in the moment. However, do keep in mind that an injury may have been caused that you just do not feel quite yet. By seeking a doctor’s evaluation right away, you could be preventing a condition from worsening or facing future complications from not getting treatment immediately.

Can I sue the driver who crashed into me for my medical expenses?

You may be entitled to receiving financial compensation from the driver at-fault for the bicycle accident. Those who are considering seeking retribution should consult with an attorney, like a  personal injury lawyer,  about this process. Many bicyclists who have suffered greatly and face a pile of medical bills, may consider filing a civil lawsuit for justice.

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